Friday, February 08, 2013

Gample's Quail At Ajo


Good morning to all my fine readers, out there in this land of beauty. This posting is going to be on Gamble's Quail here at Ajo. These beauty come near our site in the morning and late afternoon.
Gamble's Quail are about the size of a volleyball, with short neck and small bill. Their wings are short and broad. Both sexes have topknot of feathers.
Their colors are gray, chestnut and a cream color.
They move on the ground in coveys, that may be up to a dozen our more. They scratch for food under the shrubs and cacti.
Their food are grasses and cactus fruits. They live in Sonoran, Moave, Chihuahuan deserts, below the 5500 feet elevation. They are also found in mesquite thickets along the rivers, arroyos, shrub land and they will visits the agricultural fields.
DesertDale took these photos,as always a marvelous job.
He just finished putting in front wheel bearings on the truck. Took me out for a quick run.

Enjoy life, no matter what you do. As long as you enjoy it, that is all that counts. Kitfoxgal

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