Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Bate's Well Via Darby Well Rd."

Good afternoon folks.  I know I have been slacking down on posting.  With this weather the way it has been , plus DesertDale keeping on the go, I just don't fine the time to post before 4p.m. , as that is when we turn our inverter off.

The other day DesertDale took me on one fantastic ride to see Bate's Well, a National Park in the area.
The road does close from March15th to July 15th, for the "Pronghorn Antelope"breeding season.
The "Saguaro Cactus" are many.  They bloom in May and June.  It is Arizona state flower.
We also had the pleasure of seen this coyote on the  trail.  We did stop when DsertDale seen a "hawk"
off the road. Never got a clear shoot of it, so on we go to Bate's Well.
We arrived at Baet's Well were the Gray Family live there until 1976, when Mr. Gray died.
The Gray Family was the last private owner of Bate Well.  The Gray Family ranched the land 17 years before it became a monument in 1937.  They were allowed to stay until he died.

Will folks I hope you enjoy this posting as much as I had going there and seeing the old homestead.

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