Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black Phoebe And Phainopepla Of Arizona

Good afternoon folks.  Our dear friend got home from the hospital , after some 8 weeks stay.   He is doing OK. He will need  rest and lots of it.
These are just a few birds DesertDale has taken here in Arizona.  Hope you enjoy viewing them.
The first one is "Phainopepla". The male is slim, long, glossy black and eyes a deep red.  Female are slim, long, plus they are entirely gray.  Female lays 2 to  4 eggs.

The "Black Phoebe" Male has  black head, neck, breast and a white belly, with dark eyes , bill and legs.  They eat insects.  They also lay 3-6 eggs.  They both feed their young.

The "Phainopepla are seen in desert scrub with water and mistletoe close by.  They nest the desert in early spring.

This little guy is another "Black Phoebe.   They are like other flycatchers, perches on thin branches.  They pump or bobs their tails up and down.  They often use the same nest year after year.

Will folks it is time for another birding expedition at the "Wet Lands" in Yuma.

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