Monday, March 04, 2013

Black Throated Sparrow Plus More

These are not "Black Throated Sparrows .  It was one of DesertDale's photos I fell in love with.  They are "Morning Doves" out by a block of feed for quail, that is sold at the hardware store in the desert area.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Good morning to all my readers.  Sorry I have been a little slow on posting.  Had that "sick bug" that has been going around.  I think all rigs in our area has had it.  But now I am back to my old self.
This beauty is a "Black Throated Sparrow, taken just out side of our rig.

The Black Throated Sparrow is a small bird native in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

 That  includes northeastern California, southwestern Wyoming, and southeastern Colorado. The Black Throated Sparrow  that  live  north may migrate south to the  to the desert  of the southern United States during winter months.
The one that do that are also known as the Desert Sparrow.  For they   prefers arid and dry desert hillsides and shrubs for breeding and nesting. They can survive for a long       period with out water.  They get their need from seeds and insects.
 They are foragers, and typically eat insects and seeds. When traveling, the Black-throated Sparrow may be found in small colonies.

DesertDale must restock our water supply now, as our gages say it is getting low.
Enjoy life to the fullest.  Kitfoxgal

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