Friday, April 19, 2013

Torrance Ranch Preserve Plus More

Good morning to all my readers.   I must let you know it gets mighty cold out here in the desert,
I even have to wear long pants.
DesertDale took me on a birding expedition yesterday to the Torrance Ranch Preserve.
Laura and Kevin Cunningham opens their ranch up to birders.  Their ranch is not far from our camp site near Rhyolite.  They have trees all over their ranch .  Plus the Amargosa River runs right through their land.  They got to know DesertDale on the Internet and invited us to visit them.  Plus we have the pleasure of returning we are in the area.  So we will be back.
The ranch is in the Oasis Valley that was acquired in 1999 to be return to its natural state as a habitat.

This little toad took center center stage, the "Amargosa Toad", they are rare and endangered.  They never make a sound unless they are grasped below their forelimbs.  They use their sticky tongues to feed the water edge at night.  By day they take shelter in burrows.  They live in the Oasis Valley of Nevada. 

The  blackbird is a "Common Raven". They  are all glossy black. They are common in the north and west, in forests, mountains and desert.

The "Say's Phoebe" is dull brown above; with the throat, chest, a pale gray; their belly are a yellow; with a whitish wing bar; wings and tail are a rusty color.

Lunch time.  Kitfoxgal


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