Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rhyolite, Nevada Fun Trip

                                                (Rhyolite's train deport built around 1906)
Good morning to all my readers, out there in this land of beauty.  There is so much to see here in the "Good-Old U.S.A.".

Rhyolite had a population of around 10,000 at one time.  It was founded in 1904.  By 1907 it got electricity.  

The town had number of  solons, restaurants and boarding houses, all in tents. Then the town started to grow.
One of the first buildings was the 2 story  Southern Hotel.  The town was served by 3 railroads at one time.
The "Bottle House" is still standing.  It was made with over 10,000 beer bottles.
The "Cook Bank" building still has a few walls standing.  It was a 3 stories tall, at the cost of $90,000.00.
Lots of money back in the 1900s.
These buildings are the  Overbury Building and this is the Bishop  Jewery Store.  There were over 400 electric streetlights. 
Business started to close their doors in 1907.  By 1916 the Power and Light Co. shot their doors.
The population was down to fourteen by  1920. The last resident died in 1924.

This photo was taken in 2009 were it was setting back in early 1900's .  How things chance in a few years.  Now this Mercantile Building has been move to another site, just a short distance away.  Have not figure that one out.

My next posting will be on "The Goldwell " tourist attraction, that was built on the Bullfrog Townsite, that is next to Rhyolite.

Enjoy.  Kitfoxgal

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