Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goldwell-Man Made Tourist Attraction

Good morning to all my fine readers.   Hope you all understand I am a person who enjoys the
"old ghost towns like they were back when".  Not some man -made creation like Goldwell.
Mr. Szukalski  did a lot of work on his project. 

Goldwell is a man made tourist attraction, that was stared in 1984 by a sculptor from Belgium,  Albert Szukalski' who died in 2000.  The site is supported by Nevada Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts and Nevada Commission on Tourism.

Szukalski's idea of a modern day view of "The Last Supper".

This was constructed like the Last Supper scene of plaster-infused burlap over a live figure,  the model was  man from Beatty.
A Dr. Hugo has created this sculpture in 1992.
 This figure is of Shorty Harris who was a lonesome miner from Rhyolite.
This "Sofie Siegmann" was originally in Las Vegas.  It was rescued in 2007 and restored  at Goldwell.
Hope you all enjoyed this posting as much as I had when DesertDale took me back to Gooldwell to get the right info.
My opinion on Goldwater is:  non of it is natural, it all man made.  It should not have been introduce in the area where such a fine "Ghost Town like Rhyolite " is located.
Hope you have enjoy this posting.  Kitfoxgal

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