Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pahrump Supply Adventure

Good morning to all my readers.  It has been another fantastic day out here in this desert.  The wind has gone by-by, that is for now.
We even went birding this morning at the Torrance Ranch.  (Cowbirds, female and male.)
DesertDale thought after birding, we would go  to Pahrump for supply's.   On our way we stop at the "Ash Meadows Nation Wildlife Refuge".  It is the largest oasis in the Mojave Desert.
The Ash Tree brings the migrant songbirds in  desert, in the spring.  Then the mesquite bosque  help shelter the warblers against the summer's heat.
When the migratime arrives the water fowl and shorebirds arrive by the hundreds to the alkali marshes  and springs.  That include  the rock wrens, quail and the roadrunners.
The best time for birding is the spring and fall migration
This is the "Ruby-crowned kinglet common in the winter in the woods. Harder to see in summer
.  Over 275 species have been  seen at Ash Meadows.
 "Mallard Ducks"  live in ponds, fivers, marshes and towns.  They are seen in Nevada, Utah,
Arizona and New Mexico. 
Enjoy your partner, no matter who she or he is.  Kitfoxgal

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