Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beatty-Oasis Vally of Southwest Nevada

                                                     This is Ash Meadow in the Oasis Valley.
Good morning folks.  We are now at Fish Lake Valley.   Our stay at Rhyolite near Beatty was a very enjoyable  adventure.   DesertDale had the pleasure of taking some more bird  photos.
 Savannah Sparrow  and the Yellow Warbler.
The Beatty-Oasis Valley is a few miles east of "Death Valley".  It has been a important bird area by the Audubon Society.
The Amargosa River area has a rare and essential habitat-desert riparian for migratory and the resident birds. 
There are wetlands, trees and open spaces along the Amargosa River.
 The area supports over 21 species that has been Nevada Partners Flight in Flight  Conservation priorities. 
This a  Common Yellowthroat.
Waterfowls, raptors, land birds, shorebirds and some 100 spices have used area for their migration in the spring and fall.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Kiffoxgal

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