Thursday, May 02, 2013

Tonopah Adventure

We are at "Fish Lake Hot Spring" , heading for Tonopah for supplies.  Plus get some birding along the way.
These are "Cinnamon Teals" at our Fish Lake site.

We made a stop at Miller's Rest Stop on Hwy.95.  It has a sign saying "No Trucks".  But there is a large area for RV's up to 18 hours, restrooms, drinking water, dump station, plus the cell phone work good.
Millers was founded in 1904 as a station and a watering stop .  Charles Miller was honored because of him being the director of the railroad, Vice President of a Tonopah mining company.  There is more info at
This was Tonopah back in the 1900's.

(The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is located on the site of the original mining claims that started the rush to Tonopah, making it “Queen of the Silver Camps”.  Jim and Belle Butler’s strike in 1900 brought the United States into the 20th Century, and many of the mining processing techniques developed during that time are still being used today.) Is info take from goggle.

We had one interesting adventure. is a great site for more info.

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