Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blue Lake Basin Adventure Plus More

Good morning to all my fine readers.  Back to my posting once again.  That is our site way off  at the end of the photo, you can see a white top, if you look hard. The road keeps going on to other sites and fishing spots along the West Fork of the Carson River. 
DesertDale took me on a early morning adventure to the Blue Lake Basin area, about 10 miles from our site, to see if it was a nicer site. "Low and behold" it is much better.  So off we  go.

There are camp site all around, if you look hard and don't want all the handy things around.  Boon docking is great.

DesertDale found the birding is not bad either.
This Mountain Blue Bird show us the way into this site.  He was right on the post leading into the Blue Lake area.
 Staller's Jay was another bird DesertDale enjoyed seeing. 

Info from Goggle site:
They have just  recently  black topped Blue Lakes Road climbs easily above the scenic headwaters of the West Fork of the Carson River and drops into the top rim of the headwaters of the North Fork Mokelumne River. Snow can prevent access sometimes into July, and once PG&E has drawn down the reservoir levels the pristine feeling of the surroundings is tempered by the muddy brown bath-tub ring above receding lake levels. The lakes were natural but PG&E raised each with dams in the 1940s.
Fishing results remain high though into mid-October. Julys are usually ideal for water levels and the recent melt-off of the ice covering the lakes each winter, ideal camping, and rewarding fishing. At these higher elevations, the especially satisfying fall fishing season will begin in September and last until snowfall that can begin in late October.
The roughly mile-long and ½ mile wide Meadow Lake rests in a quiet, canyon dominated by massive rock and toe-hold stands of forest. The lake can be used by hardy flat water paddlers who are willing to drag or heft the boat down to the lake.
 Fishing not bad, from what I have heard.  The cutthroat trout seems to be  the largest of the fish.  Rainbows up to 14-16 inch.  Hewed Bookies have been caught.
 Camp ground sites near by are:
…Lower Blue Lake: 16 camp units midway on the east shore, fee.
…Middle Creek: 5 camp units along Middle Creek which connects the two Blue Lakes, 1 ½ miles above Lower Blue Campground and shortly below the dam for Upper Blue Lake, fee. Trailhead for the MokelumneWilderness trail to Granite Lake, the headwaters of Snow Canyon, and Grouse Lake.
…Upper Blue Lake Dam: 25 camp units about ¼ mile above the Middle Creek Campground, just above the dam on the east shore, fees. Boat ramp.
…Upper Blue Lake: 32 camp units, 1.3 miles above Upper Blue Lake Dam Campground at the end of the good road and above the upper shoreline, fees. Trailhead for the Mokelumne Wilderness trail dropping into Summit City Creek on the south side of the California Alps and Carson Pass area. Pacific Crest Trail continues along the crest about ½ mile, and 300’ elevation, via dirt road (high clearance vehicles) east of the campground.
PG&E lists the open season for the campgrounds as August – late September. All campsites are first-come, first lucky; reservations not taken.

Hope this info you will enjoy reading about this fantastic area in California.  Lived here for years and never knew about it.


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