Friday, June 21, 2013

Birding We Go At 6:45a.m.

Good afternoon to all my readers.  It is another fine day here at Mason Valley WMA.
I had a pleasant surprise  last night, my Grandson Doug came by to visit.  He works for a outfit that installs   4G for Verizon.  He goes all over , where ever he is needed.  Enjoy the visit.
This bird is the Clark's Nutcracker.  DeretDale took this photo at our Hope Valley site.  If I posted already it is because I like the photo and thought I would share it one more time.

This photo he took this morning on our 6:45a.m. expectation.  It is a Swanson's Hawk. They are common on the grasslands of the Great Plains.  In the autumn they migrate to southern South America.
This is a White Pelican.  One of the largest birds in North America.  They have a 9 foot wingspan.
We seen these pelicans at our first stop at the Bass Pond.  There on several ponds in the WLA area.

These birds "Juvenile Robins".
Both parents feed their young..  The parents are very aggressive in grading the nest.  The flocks do break up before the nesting season. 
Then for a treat DesertDale took Kitfoxgal to "El Alteno Restaurant" in Yerington for lunch.  It was A1, enough left over for dinner tonight. 
Enjoy your partner she ever he or she may be.  Kitfoxgal

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