Monday, July 08, 2013

Lobdell Adventure

 Good afternoon folks.  It was a long, long time since my last posting.  Had a few problems to solve, all taken care of now, I think. 
We left for the 4th of July week to DesertDale's old 4 of July hang out at Upper Desert Creek about 5 miles downstream from Lobdell Lake .  He and his friends use to spend the 4th there each year,  since the late 1960's.

 What a marvelous site.  No one around and that includes , these noisy autos, for miles.
Lobdell Lake is in Mono Co., in the Sweetwater Mts., about 9200 ft. high.  The road is suitable for a 4x4.  It crosses  into Nevada 3 times as we head for Jackass Flats to Desert Creek area.  The lake is a reservoir fed by creeks.
DesertDale had a field day with taking photo of the birds and wild flowers.  This a Prairie falcon.  The flowers below are buckwheat.

 This Western Blue bird just got his dinner.  DesertDale took it at John's house in Auburn.  Just had to post it, on a visit there.  John was at Lobdell also.
This is just a view from the top of the road.  You can see how the road winds all around. 
I truly love the place and hope we go there once again.  But I must say I had one hell of a time with the bugs.  They bit the hell out of my legs the first day and never stop giving me trouble until a couple of days back to Rio Linda.

I must say thanks to Zeke and the rest of the gang for a great adventure.  Also Thanks to John and his wife for the invitation to their home, as they do have a place were the Western Blue birds hang out.

This is a "Red-Breasted Sapsucker", that was taken just a few feet from  our camp site at Lobdell.

Enjoy.  Kitfoxgal  I almost for got to say I get my new knee on Aug. 9. in Auburn, fun, fun time.

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