Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hope Valley Adventure Plus More

Good morning folks.  What a beauty of a morning, 75.  Went for a birding adventure to  Burnside Lake, about 7 miles from our site, off 88.  We have here  at our  Hope Valley site for about 3 days and will be here until we have to head for Rio Linda in a few days.
Our adventure  yesterday was about 25 miles to the Blue Lake area. 
These are just a view of the area.  I was A1 all the way.  Took so many photos, so will not say to much.
These "Cow-parsnip "is a tall herb.
The "Pennyroyal" is a herb in the mint family.  It will keep the mosquito off you.
Beauty of a wild flower that we did not know the name of.
 This was a view of the Upper Lake.  The road was real rough , not suitable for a motorhome.
 This was a view of campers as we came down off the Pacific Crest Trail.  the ruff road from
Red Lake.  Plus we saw very few birds.
Hope you enjoy the photos and what little info there was.  Kitfoxgal

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