Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On The Road--- First Stp Spencer's Hot Springs

What a thrill, we are on the road once again.   We must thank Olivia and Robert for letting us stay at their home  for a month, while my knee was getting repaired.  They were A1

                                            THANKS ROBERT AND OLIVIA. 

I now have my new knee.  Doctor gave me a 4 week of freedom too recuperate.

We were off at 5:30 a.m.  We made all the way to Nyack, when someone went by us and pointed  to the rear of our rig.   Dale pulled over and the rear bearings in the pick-up was smoking like the Yosemite Fire.
Well the bearing went out so DesertDale went back to Colfax to get the parts he needed.  Will they gave him the wrong part.  So off he went again. Thanks to Napa he got the right kind, the second time around.
  When he was under the pick-up, who should go by, no other then my Grandson Doug.   His crew was on their way to Reno for a job.  He offered to help but DesertDale had the right part.  Got the pick-up  running once again.
What a interesting first day on the road we had. 

We are now at Spencer's Hot Springs with rain and sunshine.  But enjoying it all.

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