Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Sidewinder Site

Good afternoon to all.  We are here at our Sidewinder Site, near Winterhaven.  We first arrived here in 2003.  How things have changed in that time.  I posted several blogs since then.  Lost my blogs on MySpace.  So will start on Blogger, as that was my site for preposting before.  Now it will be my main posting site.   Adventures of Kitfoxgal and DesertDale.  Hope you enjoy the postings.

 As you can see DesertDale has been enjoying feeding the kitfox's.  He bought a trail camera.  It take photos at night or day by its self.  Just have to set the timer on it and turn it on.  Any movement and it will snap a photo, day or night.

It is a peaceful time out here right now.  Very few Boondockers are here.  I guess they are planning on having the 25th Year Anniversary Get Together here at this site.
Of course DesertDale is still doing his bird photos.

They have reopened the America Girl Mine.  So there is a few trucks going on Ogilby Rd.  Not bad as we are far enough away  were you don't even hear them.

Enjoy life with your partner.  Kitfoxgal

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