Monday, October 21, 2013

Five Plams Adventure

Good afternoon to all my fine readers, out there in this land of beauty.
DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal are back, once more to posting on my blog.  Had a knee replacement done, in Aug.  Now the fun will start once again. 
As you can see, DesertDale took the Kitfoxgal to the Five Palms area this morning,  as we needed a bath and that is a fine place to clean your body.
We headed out to Ted Kemp  Rd., past Boardmanville, which is closed on week days.  Then on past Glamis on Hwy.78.  It is about 34 miles to our turn off at Rd. 461 to Five Palms, out in the middle of no where's.      
  There is no camping with in 1/2 mile of the Five Palms.  The water is just luke warm and the wind was blowing some.  So it was not all that great, But enjoyed the ride with DesertDale.
 There was not a sole around.  DesertDale went in with his birthday suit on.  I was not that brave.
Here as you can see DesertDale  has found a few birds to take pictures of a Northern Flicker.
This is a Northern Flicker.  They are a member of the Woodpecker Family.  They live in NV., UT., AZ. and mtns. of NM.

Enjoy this posting as much as I have had with no other then DesertDale.  Kitfoxgal

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