Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lake Mead Adventure

I must say this is one hell of a day here at Lake Mead.  The wind is blowing and I mean hard.  It rained early morning. clouding but clearing.  It has not been warm hear either.

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir the United States, not far from Las Vegas.    The lake has not been at its highest sense 1983.
Lake Mead be came a lake after the Boulder Canyon Project had created the dam and lake in 1936.   Then in 1964 the Lake Mead National Recreation Area was established.
When the water is low enough a high-water mark is visible  that will show the shoreline of Lake Mead has been, that is called a "bathtub ring.

The Colorado River flows into Lake Mead.

This photo is of Bolder Dam, taken by Carol R. Ward.  I had a photo of then dam when Desertdale and I went across, but could not find it.
My Uncle John did help built it back the 30's.

DesertDale sniped this photo when I was surveying the  area.  There are many space to boondock here, you just have to pick what the area that is comfortable to you.  Plenty of places to depose of you trash and there also some fire pits around.  

This what we see from our site of Lake Mead.

Hope you enjoy this posting.  Kitfoxgal

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