Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tombstone Adventure

DesertDale  showed Kitfoxgal a great time at Tombstone a few days ago, before we moved on to Witenburg.
As you all have heard about Tombstone, I am sure.  What a place to go visit, out here in the west.  It is a town, that has a lot of history.  It was founded in 1879.  It prospered until the 1890 when the silver mines started to go down hill.  It grew from 100 to some where around 14,000 in less then 7 years.
It was the county seat until 1930, when they moved it to Bisbee.
They had gambling halls, dance halls, saloons and of course those places they called brothels.
Fire nearly caused of Tombstone twice .

The shoot out at the "Gun Fight O.K. Corral" with the Earp's, Doc. Holliday has brought much fame to the town.  There is the cemetery, Boot Hill , there also and much, much more .
Today it is a interesting  place to visit.

In 2010 with budget cuts Gov. Jan Brewer almost forced the Museum to close.

Hope you enjoythe posting as much as Kitfoxgal did with Desertdale.  Whoopee!!!

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