Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beatty, NV Adventure Plus Much More

Good afternoon folks.   We are here at our Rhyolite site, for awhile.  We have  a magnificent view of the valley.  We traveled to Beatty this morning to do some Birding at
"Torrance Ranch Preserve".

Torrance Ranch Preserve is 130 acre Nature Conservancy Area, not far from Beatty, with the Amargosa River running through it.
You will all so fine the Amargosa Toad.  Plus much more wild life, as DesertDale found it is a nice site for birding back in 2012.

 Townsend's Solitaire are very common out here in the west.  They winter were there are a good supply of berries.
The Great Horned Owl are found everywhere, forest, swamps and desert.  Hunts mostly at night.

 The Red-winged Blackbird nest in marsh and weedy ditch.  They are very common.

The American Goldfinch are lively, common . The summer males are bright yellow. They gather in flocks in winter.  They often visit the bird feeders.

This happen to be a old abandon mine.  It was covered up real good.

Beatty, NV. has much to offer such as off roading, bird watching, hiking, ghost town near by. camping and easy access to Death Valley  plus much more.

Beatty became a unincorporated town in 1904.

Had lunch at Mel,s Dinner in Beatty, on our way back from a interesting .  There is not much to say about it.  But the photos that were on the wall, was the best thing they had there.


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