Sunday, April 20, 2014

Candelaria Ghost Town

DesertDale took Kitfoxgal on a exceptational ride this morning to a ghost town,
"Candelaria Ghost Town" , off of US 95 in Nevada.

Gold was discover in Candelaria in 1863 by a group Spanish prospectors.  They named it Candelaria .  Then in 1873 a large silver vein was discovered.  It became known as Northern Belle Mine.
The town was settled in 1876, with a population of 400.

The town had assay office, express office, a telegraph station, livery stable, a schoolhouse, two hotels, restaurants, blacksmith, saloons,  a gambling establishments and much more.  They even had their own brewery.

They also  had a post office.  The water and wood was very scarce.  To take a bath it cost $2.00 , as water had to be transported a long way at $1.00 a gal.  The photo above was their cemetery.

This is a view of their "Mass Destruction" of the area.  There is much more of the mess that is so large I can not get it on camera.  The land is useless.

Enjoy the beauty of our land.

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