Wednesday, June 25, 2014

South Dakota Adventure

Hello to all my readers.  DesertDale  has been keeping my behind on the go , the last few days.  Hope you enjoy this posting.   We are at Cottonwood Spring COE CG.

We had the pleasure of seeing many of the Buffalo or Bison up close and I mean close.  This is one shot DesertDale took of Mama Buffalo and her baby,just out side of pick-up.

Here a two bucks , just giving DesertDale the eye.

 This photo was taken at the U.S.Fish Hatchery in  Spearfish, S.D., were we spent the night at $25.00 a night.
D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery is dedicated to fish culture and resource management.
Of course Mt. Rushmore.
Mt. Rushmore was started in 10-4-1927.  Then oped in 10-31-1941.  What a joy it was when visited that site.

This is one of DesertDale's favorite shots he took on our adventure, of  the Mountain Bluebird.  They are found in meadows, high prairies and range lands .

Hope you all enjoy this posting.  There was much more to see and do then I have posted.  But you know how it is with us "Older" women.  Kitfoxgal

P.S. We also enjoyed our stay at Sundance.

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