Monday, June 30, 2014

Laramie---Hutton Lake Adventure

Off to the races in Wyoming.  What a beautiful state, rolling hills, wild animals, mountains, green fields for the antelope, deer, moose, saw one run across road and much more, like this Swanson's Hawk.

 plus this Horn Lark and much more.

The phone serves is A-one at our site.  There are about 8 towers all around us.  No problem with Internet either ,  DesertDale is getting to be a expert at setting that up

We went into Laramie for supplies, about 10 miles from our site.  What a site of the wide open county .  Saw many Antelopes,  the Prairie Dogs were seen by the hundreds, birds were not hard for DesertDale to find.

Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge is in the southern part of Laramie Plains.  There some 1,968 acres at about 7100 feet.  There are 5 small lakes, that includes mixed-grass uplands and wetlands.  It was established in 1932.  Hutton Lake NWR is one of over 550 refuges in the National Wildlife Refuges System.

I am not telling a lie about those Prairie Dogs, they were not a bit bashful.

These are the Oregon Ruts, near Guernsey , but north of our Grayrocks site.
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DesertDale check my spelling and it all ready to post.  Hope you enjoy it.  Kitfoxgal

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