Saturday, July 05, 2014

Centennial, Wyoming Adventure With Friends

The adventure at Centennial began after we had the pleasure of meeting up with CB and wife, plus Tom and his wife.  We headed for Centennial, where we stayed  at Bob and his mothers home.
We had a very fine 4th luncheon.  Where some people 65 arrived with food .  Had a very enjoyable 4th.
As we got on our adventure on the 3rd, the 6 of us.  What beauty there is, like the aspens, the snow, the lakes,  wild flowers all around and of course the wild animals.
Such  as this bald eagle ,
plus the antelopes, many
seen many of  deer along the way .
We went some 100 miles when our tummies told us it was time to eat.
We stop at Encampment, Wyoming and all 5 us order a Bear Burger.  I ate half and had the rest for dinner that night.

I went to "Thanks Bob and his mother,  Midge,  for the stay and the wonderful 4th." 

Hope you enjoy this posting as much as  we had for the day  we spent at our Centennial site.

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