Saturday, July 12, 2014

Leadville Adventure

Good morning to all my reads, out in this land of beauty.  This is our site near Leadville.

 DesertDale took me for  ride around Turquoise Lake, where the Host and Co-hostess for the Isabel National Forest has been telling us about the sites here. 
 (the photo above was taken from goggle).
The fishing here at Turquoise Lake is 2 lake trout, with 4 fish total in your procession.

We had "Happy Hour" at the camp hostess site here at the "Baby Doe Campground" ,very enjoyable time.  They are great camp hots and hostess.  They take care of about 4 or more sites here at Turquoise Lake.

We got a new "Hummingbird" feeder.  The Humming Birds did not care for  it, where we had placed it, but this "Gray Jay" came by to check it out.  The Gray Jays are in the north woods and high mountain forests.
As you can see by our site photo above, there are many pine trees around the camp sites.  The jays are tame and are not afraid to  go into camp sites and beg for food. 

We went to the Antique Bottle show in Leadville this morning, as DesertDale had at one time collected them.  Still has a very in storage at my house  in Antelope. 
ABCC Show & Sale

Leadville, Colorado
July 12, 2014

National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum Convention Center
117 10th Street -  -  -  $3.00 Admission
9AM to 4PM -  -  Dealer setup starts at 6AM

Enjoy life to the fullest. Kitfoxgal

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