Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Round Mountain, Nevada

(There was so much good info on Round Mountain, I just copied it and then posted as Goggle printed it)

* Gold production in the Round Mountain district dates back to 1906. A hundred years later, Round Mountain mine reached the significant milestone of 10 million ounces poured, achieved over a 20-year period.
Round Mountain uses conventional open-pit mining methods and recovers gold using four independent processing operations. These include crushed ore leaching (reusable pad), run-of-mine ore leaching (dedicated pad), milling and the gravity concentration circuit. Most of the ore is heap leached, with higher grade oxidized ores crushed and placed on the reusable pad. Lower grade ore, ore removed from the reusable leach pad, and stockpiled ore that was previously leached are placed on the dedicated pad.*
This is a view of the operation from the road.

This is  the distasteful view  you get from the highway, after they take what they want out, but that the way it goes.  You can only have it one way not both.

Round Mountain is in Nye Co. Nevada. Best known for the Gold Mine that was started in 1906. Very small town with one store and that is just about it. 
It was a very interesting ride.                 

Of course DesertDale took a few bird photos on the way, I think it was about 50 miles or so,  from our site.  The Swainson's Hawk is common over much of the western grasslands.  This Hawk was just setting on a pole waiting for DesertDale, who took several photos of him, then took off.

Enjoy the photos .  Kitfoxgal

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