Friday, August 22, 2014

Spencer's Hot Spring

We have been coming to  Spencer's Hot Springs for about 6 years.  
There are 4 sites here.  Water is a about 130 degrees out of the pipe,you have to detour some to cool it down.   There is a spot  at the top of the tank, by the motor home, where the water that runs over it's banks , goes into the sites below it.   

Spencer's is in one most active geothermal regions, Nevada is blessed with dozens of natural warm and hot springs. Throughout the state you can find small pools of warm and hot water, some of which are safe enough for a soothing soak.  Spencer's is one the easier , natural hot tubs in Nevada.  Spencer's is about 20 miles southeast of Austin.

Burros will even sing to you at times.

Good sites for your motor-homes, lots of  good hiking and town not that far away, phone works great,  good area for the bike riders ,  as you can see DesertDale just coming back from a 54 mile ride.  I must say I truly enjoy the Burros when they stop by, at all hours of the day or night.

Nevada's thermal springs vent heated water ranging from warm to very hot.  Many hot springs contain concentration of minerals.   There may be critters that thrive in the warm water, that causes "swimmers itch," plus different types of illnesses.   Just remember "Don't get the water up your nose."
All of Nevada's hot springs can be found on a website.

This is our favorite spot here at Spencer's.  
There are several hot springs along the Colorado River.

We have arrived at Egan Crest Trails.
Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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