Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cibola NWR Adventure

 We have arrived at the Cibola NWR 3 days ago.  Oh! What sites we see such as these
Yellow-Headed Blackbirds crossing the road way at Cibola.   There must have been thousand of them.
 As you can see right by  the roadway are some of the sites for the Burrowing Owls, that once was common in the open country, now declining .  The nest under ground.  They hunt at night.
DesertDale was very lucky to get this photo.  As you can see their homes are hard to find.

This is a Island just as you go on the Auto Tour.  Usually there are more birds then what are showing.

Coyote out by the road. He waited long enough for DesertDale to snap this photo.

This is a Western Meadow Lark.  There are so many here at Cibola.

This just happens to be our site.  It is across the road from the office of Cibola NWR.

 Hope you   enjoy the posting as as much as we have had taking the early morning run around the refuge. More to come.    Kitfoxgal

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