Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Birding Adventure At Ehrenberg And Cibola

Good afternoon folks.  We are at Ehrenberg, with some other Boondockers. What fanatic views we have out here.  We get a few birds here but we go over to Cibola NWR most of the time.
These photo we got today at Cibola of the pelicans.  What a site.

DesertDale took both shots of the pelican.  They have a 9 foot  wing-span.  They live on the coasts and large lakes.

The site of the yellow-head black birds was taken  the other day, on one of our outing at Cibola.  At the bottom edge you can see some of the burrowing owls.  They live in the ground.
You are very lucky if you have the pleasure of see one.  We see this one on the Goose Loop at Cibola.  They very seldom wonders south.

Our next siting was of  the Red-tailed Hawk.. The are common .  They fly over open country though .  out North America.  They build nest in the trees and cliffs.
 The Great Egret is our most widespread White Egret.  They can be found along lake edges and marshes.

That was a joyous bird outing.  Like they say in the Desert Trail ," the soil may look dead and barren
 but they are in fact active ecosystems."

Hope you enjoy this posting. Kitfoxgal

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