Saturday, January 17, 2015

Celia's Rainbow Garden In Quartzsite

In Quartzsite there is a site called Celia,s Rainbow Garden.

Celia's Rainbow Garden was stared some 8 years ago, by Mr. and Mrs.Winer upon the death of their daughter Celia.   They consider her a miracle baby.   After wanting a child for so many years , on Christmas Eve in 1985 Mrs.Winer found out she was going to have a child.

The child, Celia was born on Good Friday, March 28, 1986,  Weighing only 1 1/4  Lbs.,12" long, and her head was the size of a lemon.

On their travels they came to Quartzsite and resided to live here.  Celia was a normal child.  She love to dance and sing .  She learnt to read in school.  She read the bible twice.  She could make cookies. loved to draw rainbows, flowers and nature.  Love the colors of pink and purple.
One good site to get more info is at:

This is a very interesting life story of a young child.  Enjoy it.

Senter St., Quartzsite, AZ

I-10 exit 19. Drive north on Riggles Ave., take the second left, then make the first right onto Main St./Plymouth Ave. rom E. Main Street drive North on S.Plymouth Ave. The closest intersection to the park is E.S enter St & N. Plymouth Ave, and the driveway is just north of that. This garden is accessed from a dirt drive into the Town Park, and has a sign. The RC Flying Field is just past the access.

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