Thursday, February 05, 2015

Gila Bend Outing At The Space Age Restriant

DesertDale was will pleased at our Ajo site.  He ask Kitfoxgal if she would like to go to dinner in Gila Bend.  And of course Kitfoxgal is always ready to go out to eat, as DesertDale does not care to go out and eat.
So off we went to Gila Bend, some 30 odd miles away, to the Space Age Restraint.

There was a fire 1998.  A neon sign on the restaurant shorted out and the restaurant nearly burned to the ground.  After the fire a banner was put up at the site saying , " Attacked by aliens."
The restaurant was rebuilt with new additions that included flying saucer over the motel lobby and a murals in  the restaurant, motel lobby and the Outer Limits Converence  Room.  Plus Spacemen prance along the eves overlooking the parking lot.

This is views of the cantonment table  and counter.

The views was A1.  But the food was not all that great.  It was about 4F.

The ride was great, as I had the pleasure of riding  with DesertDale  for some 40 miles in the rain.
It clear up before  we got into Gila Bend.

Hope you enjoy your company as I do.  Kitfoxgal

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