Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quitobaquito Springs Adventure

 We had one fantastic ride to Quitobaquito Springs and back.  Thanks Loyal for the info you gave DesertDale. What a fantastic site.
I also want to thank Steve O'Bosky for the visit at our Ajo site.  Was pleased you stop by.

We went south on South Puerto Blanco Dr.. near the border.  We had the pleasure of driving through the Organ Pipe Cactus Monument once again

Stopped at Alamo Canyon Campground Rd. site   DesertDale was able to snap a photo of this Red Tail Hawk.
Stop at Kris Eagle Visitors Center.  Then on our way.

There are these rest stops along the way, built with shade.  Real nice set up.

Even seen the ocotillo was green.  They bloom in Mar. to June or after rains.

As you can see Mexico,s border is just on the other side of the brown finch.   Where DesertDale is eating his lunch. Springs is about 1.4 miles from that point.

Saw  Quail along the trail to the springs.

Photo of a old home site not far away.  Some of the old wind mill is till standing..
Once again Loyal "Thanks for the info".  Kitfoxgal

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