Monday, April 13, 2015

Lake Mead Adventure In 2015

Lake Mead 2012.   Now 2015.  Taken from the same spot as 2012.

DesertDale took me on a run to the Clark Co. Wetlands Park. It is a great place for walking, hiking, jogging, photography and wild life viewing.
Here is a site that has much info about Lake Mead

This is "Sam Boyd Stadium" in Las Vegas.  They will be having "SuperCross" there in May.  DesertDale is in high heaven.  Poor guy will not be here then.
It use to be the Silver Bowl, when they played football there.

Birding at the Clark Co. Wet Lands .  They have many walking trails and bike trails .  The is a "Ruddy Duck" .  It has a blue bill.

These are "Painted Turtle"s  They live in ponds, swamps and rivers.
There are a few Birding site , like the County Wetlands and one at Henderson Birding and Viewing Preserve.  There are about 10 in the south part of the state.
Southern Nevada Birding & Wildlife Trail

Enjoy life to the fullest.  Kitfoxgal

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