Thursday, April 09, 2015

Parker, AZ. Adventure

Once again it is time to post our adventure near Parker Dam, at Turkey Mesa. This is the site were the Boondockers had a get-together each year, about Thanksgiving time.  What fun.

This is the old railroad bridge going across the Colorado River, just as you go into Parker.
Parker was founded in 1908, the town was named after Ely Parker, the first Native American commissioner for the U.S. government. The original town site of Parker was surveyed and laid out in 1909 by a railroad location engineer by the name of Earl. H. Parker for the Arizona & California Railway. However, the town's name and origin began when a post office was established January 6, 1871.  (info from goggle)
This is a view of the Parker Pecker after you cross the bridge and you get near Earp,Ca. which is just
across the river.
This is just one of the birds DesertDale took on our adventure.  It is a " Greater Roadrunner".  It runs on the ground .  They are found in SW.  U.S. to  central Mexico.  they live in the desert, dry, open country.
We were missing the guys with motorbikes.  DesertDale had to ride all by his "little old self".  What fun there was at "Turkey Mesa".

The weather at "Turkey Mesa"  was A1.   You could not ask for it to be any better.  The neighbors were few and far in between.

Enjoy life now while you can.  Kitfoxgal

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