Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ramsey Canyon 2 Day Adventure

What a fine boondocking site we have at the Fair Grounds in Sonoita.  There is so many places to go and see, not far away. 

This is Ramsey Creek.  Great site for birding and hiking. 
Ramsey Canyon Preserve protects  the trees, animal and plants, in the 380-acres preserve. 

This is a Broad-billed Hummingbird seen at the Hummer site at the Nature Conservatory.
As you are walking on the trail you will come to this house that was built in 1902-1903  by John James.

The Painted Redstart  is common in oak-pine woods along canyons.  It is very active and acrobatic, always fanning and flicking its wings and tail.  This photo was taken on our first trip on 3-25-15.

The Arizona Woodpecker are uncommon in oak woods in mountains of southeastern Arizona.  It is the only brown and white woodpecker.  This photo was also taken on 3-25-15

We also saw 5 deer, a turkey and many birds of all kinds.

We all so saw a herd of deer , right in  the big  town of Patagonia, which does have a post office, 2 stores, a motel and a few bars.  Plus many magnificent sites all around. clink on preserve link.

Enjoy. Kitfoxgal

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