Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area Adventure

The Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area is open to the public and open year round, at no charge.
They only ask that you that you fill out a questionnaires ate the entrance.
the property was purchased with Federal Aid in Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act.
As you can see wild animals are near the camp site.  This deer, plus 2 others, ran right by our tables when we first arrived.
 This osprey caught his dinner , as we were out birding.
 As you see there are some 36 ponds, with only four open to the public.  The ponds and mashes of the reserve are a welcome sight for the migrating birds.  The  Wild Life Management in Nevada owns or leases over 117,000 acres, with 69 miles of shore line. Pus sites to put you boat in.    
The Fish Hatchery is at 50 Hatchery Way, Yerington, Nevada.  Fishing is good.

Enjoy my daughter's and Johnnie visit on Mother's Day.

Hope life is sweet to you.  Kitfoxgal

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