Sunday, July 05, 2015

Bodie, Nevada A Ghost Town

Bodie, California is a ghost town.  The town is  named for W. S. Body, at one time there was a population of 10,000 people, who had discovered a small amount of gold in the hills  north of Mono Lake.  There was a mine cave in 1875, that reveled a vane of gold,  that led to the purchase of the  mine by Standard Co. in 1877.  Many people arrived, the boomtown  of Bodie was started.

There  school house was built in 1879, originally the Bon Ton Lodging House.

                                         This is the J.S. Cain  at the corner of green and Park St.  Who had the lumber business  and put  barges o Mono Lake.

                                               The last ride, Hearses .  The cemetery is southwest of town.

                               Kerosene and gasoline were hauled to Bodie from Hawthorne  and Carson City in                           5 gallon cans.

The Standard Mine took out $15 million dollars over 25 years, it caused the of 1878 rush to Bodie .  Where with in a year the population went from 20 to 10,000.  The mill was destroyed in 1898.  But was rebuilt the following year.  Then between 1960 and 1941 $100 million in gold and silver was removed.

                     Only a small part of town still stands.  Bodie was made a State Historic Park in 1962.

What a adventure we had at Desert Creek .  This is why it took me few days to post this trip to Bodie to post.  Kitfoxgal                          

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