Friday, July 17, 2015


We are having one great time on our trip up 101 in Oregon.  This photo was done by  Bret Huish.  It crosses the Rogue River at the Gold Beach, OR.
The bridge  was a "Depression-era public works project that helped to push the completion of what was called the Roosevelt Highway in 1940." (info from goggle)
This is our camp site near the ocean, at Gold Beach, where the Sweet Peas  are in bloom.
This old ship at Gold Beach
Way back when Gold Beach was known as Ellensburg, this ship known as the Varuna use to be a steam powered freighter.  I believe it sank  in 1881.
These logging trucks are still moving on 101 at Gold Beach.
About 20 years ago, Gold Beach Lumber was a small lumber store in Curry County. Today it is the only lumber supply store left at  Gold Beach , and is growing larger.
As you cross the bridge, you get a view of the ocean below, showing all the fisherman in their boats, trying to  catch the "The Big One".  There must have been 20 or more boats down  there in the water.  They were all fishing in the cove because it was so darn windy out in the Pacific Ocean.
DesertDale took this photo this morning of "Canada Goose.

Went birding  this morning.  Have a magnificent shot to post , once the Bird Man is finch going throw his bird list.

Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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