Friday, August 28, 2015

Stokes Castle Near Austin Nevada

 Stokes Castle is a 3 story stone tower castle, near Austin, Nevada.  It was built by A.P. Stokes, who was a banker, railroad magnate and a mine developer.  He started Stokes Castle in 1896.  then completed it in 1897.
This is a view you get from the front of the building.

 It was built of hand-hewn native granite, and huge stones that was hoisted into place with a hand winch and held in place with rock wedging and clay mortar.
On the first floor was the kitchen and dining room.  Second floor was the living room and third floor had 2 bedrooms.  Each deck had a fire place.

The family lived in it a very short time.  When the mine was  sold, they of never returned.   Then in 1956 it was sold once again.  
In 2003 it was listed on the National Register  of Historic Places.
It is now owned by H, W.  Trapnell of Austin Nevada.

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