Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shoshone OHV Trail System in Nevada

Our camp site at Shoshone ORV Area,  when we were parked there a few days ago.  I just for got to post the blog , I was working on.  It was not the best place to park, but that is the way it goes, DesertDale cann't pick the all A1.
This photo of the sign to Shoshone.  It was taken from Goggle

This is a view that I took.  That black dot on your right was the only tree around and were DesertDale took a photo of this red-tail hawk.  He sure gave DesertDale the eye.

Shoshone OHV  is located only about  25  miles south of Battle Mountain in Nevada.  It has great views of the mountain range as it goes  up to over 8,000 feet.
 The trails that is laid out are good for both motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles less than 50″ in width.
Not many birds as there are not trees around but the one cottonwood tree , that was all fenced off.

Hope this will do for now, as we are heading for Spencer's Hot Tub area for a few days.  Kitfoxgal

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