Friday, August 14, 2015

Burgdorf Hot Springs Adventure

We are heading to Burgdorf  Hot Springs in Idaho.  What a fantastic site to go there and relax.  Once you pay your $8.00,  you can come and go as you like, for the whole day.  
This is the road that you take to the Burgdorf.   Burgdorf was founded in 1870 , near the town of Warren, Idaho.
There are 2 small Hot Tubs 6X6 ft. at 113°.  A large one from 100° to 104°.  They are fed by 150 gallon a minute of hot water.  They all  have sandy bottoms.
Burgdorf is also a ghost town , which is different type of buildings, as you can see below.
You can rent the whole complex, at one time for a wedding or what ever you want.

Burgdorf Hot Springs FacilitiesRental Cabins (15 on-site)
Light Food Services (some breakfast and meals)
Two small 6x6 inlet pools (113°)
One 50x85 ft large pool (100°-104°) 
Burgdorf Hot Springs Rules
Dogs OK (must be kept on-leash)
No Outside Fires
No Outside Smoking
You need to remember that Burgdorf is located on private land , surrounded   by the Payette National Forest.

This is just a shot of DesertDale and his pet,  The Lincoln Sparrow is still around




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