Monday, August 10, 2015

Frenchglen, Oregon Adventure And Beyond

Frenchglen  is one fantastic camp site.   Bird is ok, as you can see that DesertDale fantastic photos of the Northern Harrier.  They are uncommon but widespread. 
 Here he is giving DesertDale the eye.

Frenchglen is a unincorporated community.   60 miles south of Burns.  It is near Steens Mountain.  Not fare from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
This was taken at Page Spring .  The Buzzards roost there at night.

The hotel is a historical hotel.  It was a former lodging house for the Cattle Industry.  Built in 1923.
The community was named after French-Glenn Livestock Co.,  founded by Dr, Hugh J. Glenn. Their headquarters was founded 1853.
This is the creek that runs threw  the campgrounds  at Frenchglen.  I hope that is the right creek.  It is pretty were ever it is at.  If not it was taken up by the old Cabin.  The more I look at it It was taken up by the old cabin DesertDale took me too.  To show me my new home we are going to move into, maybe if he can afford it.

Thanks to Bob for telling us about the site we are parked at now .  It great, not crowed and DesertDale can ride as much as the weather allows him to.  A few campers are around but not close.

 This is our site now, at Squaw Meadows.

Enjoy life, while you can.  Kitfoxgal

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