Friday, August 07, 2015

Aunt France's " A Classic Woman"

DesertDale and Kitfoxgal try to spend a few days with Aunt France's near Bend, Oregon.   Her son Johnnie, has his home on the same land as Aunt Frances has hers.  

She is a A1 Class of a woman.  She fixed a great meals , bakes, keeps her 3 bedroom house neat as a pin.  Does most of her cooking from scrath, no box stuff.

One room is her sewing room, were has things set up for making quilts for the church , as she goes every Sunday.  She has not made just one or two but lots of them .  She has about 3 different ones , in different stages now that she is working on.
 Here is just one, as a sample .  I donate money to the church when  she made this one for my Great-grandson.
Her son Johnnie takes after her .  He is a painter and takes after her in so many ways.
When he not working on his job or at her place , he rides his Harley.
Before going to work each morning, he makes sure she has wood
for heat in the winter time.  Plus he goes and gets the newspaper for her, which is about a block or so down the road.

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