Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ruby Lake NFR By Way Of Long Valley

We started out at our site  Illipah.  Took the Long Valley Road of of  HWY .50.. There is much history in the are.
 Prehistoric people who roamed throughout  Nevada can be found in the area.  There are many  springs in and around the refuge that provide  food for game animals, such as seeds, nuts, and roots.

There are over 500 National Wildlife Refuge in the U.S. This Western Sandpiper is just one of many at the refuge.  They nest in Alaska.

This is a very dry year at Ruby Lake, I should say all over the west.  We had the pleasure of seeing  antelopes, wild horses, an eagle,  that flew to fast for  DesertDale to get a photo.
Ruby Lake NFR is open 1 hour before sunrise  and 2 hours after sunset.  Camping and overnight parking is not permitted.
Ruby Lake is open year round to fishing. , except where posted. Boats are not permitted on the refuge from Jan. to June 14th.  There are these boats out for their use on Ruby Lake NFR.

There is a place there, were they are row boats to use, just remember to put them back.
Hunting is permitted daily during waterfowl season.

 DesertDale took these photos of the Black-necked Stilt.  They wade in the shallows, picking at tiny creatures on the water surface.
The Western Sandpiper likes open flats.  
This is a site that will give you so much more info.  then I posted:

I hope you enjoy the post.  as the last few has not been so good.  Kitfoxgal.


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