Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tule Springs at Floyd Lamb State Park in Las Vegas

This is Floyd Lamb State Park in  Tule Springs, in Las Vegas.   It is such a beautiful of a park , right in that busy town of Vegas.

The city purchased the land in 1977. It was a working cattle ranch.  The city named it Floyd Lamb Park in honor of State Senator Floyd Lamb.
The park covers some 2,000 acres.  With sites for picnics, lakes and much wildlife such as peacocks, ducks and many other types.

This photo was taken in 2014 by DesertDale.  This just to  show how they can change . 

This was taken this year , just a few hours ago.  Looking for his mate in the  upper one.

Traffic going into Vegas this morning was a total mess.   I really think it is worse here in Vegas then in Sacramento.
 This is a Eared Grebe.  They live on ponds and lakes in the west and are very common .

This  is another photo from 2014 of the Peafowl.  They are such a beautiful of a bird.  All most forgot they do charge 6.00 fee.  But will worth it.

Enjoy the posting. Kitfoxgal

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