Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our Adventure To Fish Lake Valley

 On our way to Fish Lake Valley.
We got propane, gas dump, water in Tonopah, as it will be way down the road before we get to a large store like the one in Tonopah.  Plus it is a non-windy day.  That is a plus.  
They are working on the highway about 8 miles from Tonopah.  Had about 30  minute delay.
As you can see the mountains still has that white stuff, they call snow on top.
The wild flowers are still blooming.  Saw many of the Globe Mallows .   They have a orange flower.  With 5 pedaled, that bloom year round. In some forms the petals can have white, pin purple or blue hues.  They are all so known as Globemallow, Desert Mallow, Apricot Mallow, plus man more.

This is the site that DesertDale took one fine photo of this Osprey catching his dinner.
That was taken about 5 years ago.

This is a Marsh Wren hiding in the cattails 

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