Monday, April 18, 2016

Torrance Ranch Preserve Adventure

Torrance Ranch Preserve started in 1999 when The Nature Conservancy acquired it.  This is also the first restoration project for The Nature  Conservancy in the Oasis Valley of Nevada. 
 DesertDale out on the path looking for those birds.
 This project has been attracting local and migratory birds.  Plus supporting native amphibians, fishes and plants.  Other sites in Oasis Valley are Parker Ranch, The Spicer property, Crystals complex and others along the Armargosa River.
You also see so much more then just the birds, as DesertDale is taking photos of the burros.  We heard them braying  all morning at Torrance Preserve.  They are very loud at times. 

 They just stand at attention.  Watching every move DesertDale makes.
 Here is a  Red-tail Hawk that is giving DesertDale a dirty look.
Enjoy the views.     We did see a Amargosa Toad last year ,but could not find it,

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