Saturday, June 18, 2016

Eureka Adventure

We the have arrived at one magnificent site.  This is a view of the redwoods  we have had the pleasure to drive through.
Redwood trees can grow to 300 feet or more.  The Redwoods can withsand powerful winds and floods..

Love the ocean, plus the desert, it just so much cooler at the ocean. 
On to Eureka.
This was call the Mansion .   
Then in  1949 Eureka Business men bought the Mansion, for a Club, calling it "The Humbolt Club".  Million of dollars of private funds have been sprnt  on the Mansion and grounds.
It is one magnificent building.
Ship building in Humbodt Bay.   The first of many opened about 1850.  Then closing in 1901.  Later the shipyards was bought by James Rolph in 1917.
It is now owned and operated by Humboldt Bay Harbor, Rrcration and Conservation District, Fields Landing Boat Yard. It is a do-it yourself yard open seven day a week and 365 a year.
Migratory birds arrive at Humbolldt Bay year round from the cold north to warmer areas south.
   The black brant geese out of Alaska.  They do stop over here at Humboldt Bay NWR. 
This info from goggle.
Our site at Gold Beach as we are on the move to Bend.

All photo by DesertDale but the Black Brant Geese. 
Enjoy the posting .  Kitfoxgal

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