Thursday, June 30, 2016

Malhure Wildlife Area

We statded our Birding adventure at the beginning of a 10 mile run , one way. 
Mr. Southern even stopped in Frenchglen on our way back and bought us a ice cream. Yum,Yum.
The Malhure National Wildlife Refuge , a National Wildife Refuge is some 30 miles from Burns, Oregon.
These are some of the sites we had the pleasure of seeing on our outing.
I lost the orignal one  that DesertDale sent me, of the "Baby Fawn".  This was as close as I could find that look like it.   Once I receive the correct one I  will replace it.  Thanks Goggle for this one.  You could  tell he was not very old, as he still had some fuss on him.
All the photos that are posted now are the original ones ..
The ducks are found in swamps, marshes,and slow rivers.

We have made this run every day since 6/28/16, in the morning .  Today was our best.


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