Thursday, June 30, 2016

Malhure Wildlife Area

We started our Birding adventure at the beginning of a 10 mile run , one way. 
Mr. Southern even stopped in Frenchglen, on our way back and bought us a ice cream. Yum,Yum.
This litttle guy is a Yellow-Bellied Marmont.  They live in rocky area such as valleys , foothills, mountains.

The Malhure National Wildlife Refuge , a National Wildife Refuge is some 30 miles from Burns, Oregon.

These are some of the sites we had the pleasure of seeing on our outing.
The "Baby Fawn" was hiding were his Mommie put him.  He was not moving at all. 
The ducks are found in swamps, marshes,and slow rivers.  DesertDale thinks this is a Mallard  with her chicks.
The Yellow Warbler winters in as far south as Panama.
The Eastern Kingbirds are found at wood edges, river groves, farms, roadsides.
This is Benson Pond near the end of our run. There are many ponds in the area.

We have made this run every day since 6/28/16, in the morning .  Today was our best.
Enjoy the stay , even with those things they call mosquitos.


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